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Cont'd test of disk copy programs (Part 3) 
Monday, May 21, 2018, 09:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
So I tested also X-COPY from Cachet Software, see below "related link" for a download link.
This seems to be only copying unprotected disks, with some program failures, too :-(
It looked very nice, still:

The version I tested copies, depending on your choise "FATCOPY" or "ALLCOPY", only used sectors or all sectors of a floppy disk. Depending of this choice also, you get an error message dialog from the program itself, if a 360KB drive is select as source or target ... so this X-COPY 1.28 is not really usable for all tasks. In other words: Copying a 360KB floppy disk in a 360KB floppy disk drive seems to be NOT working.
You can use it without a loaded mouse driver (Cursor keys, Function keys, Enter key).

Also, I tested FROGCOPY, which has like X-COPY a nice graphics screen. It copies all unprotected disks very well, so I can recommend it for daily copying.

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