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A rare ECB System: Elzet/P (Elzet-80 series) - Z80 portable in industrial case 
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 12:00 AM
Posted by Administrator
Today I want to show you a meanwhile really rare ECB Z80 system from 1982. It has a ECB-backplane, so many ECB-cards (like the important Z80 CPU Card, the RAM and the FDC-card, and last but not least also a VIDEO-80 (terminal) card) can take place.
The systems exists also in a desktop case, but this one has a "portable" case from Schroff.
Portable means, it has a handle to carry it, but it's unexpected heavy (~20 Kg).
The Z80 CPU runs with 4 MHz, and it has at least 64KB RAM (you can add more) and two quad density floppy drives with 800KB storage capacity.
Usually it runs with CP/M 2.2, which is not extraordinary for an ECB system.

I got the system with a broken power suppy and I had not enough space and also not enough time to repair and run it, so I swapped it against two Microprofessor MPF-1(B) with someone which has space and time enough (I can ask him if you like to exchange infos/expirience etc).
To get an expression how expensive it was, see the offer also from mid 1982:

If you look (=google) for further infos about this system, you will not find so much helpful.
If you're looking for a system disk, I can send you a TELEDISK image file.

Related link points to the wikipedia entry for ECB.
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