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Still waiting for OpenVMS ... my DEC Alpha Personal Workstation 
Monday, November 1, 2010, 03:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
My (former) dream machine:

Working with an Alpha 21164 64Bit CPU at 433MHz, it sounds not really amazing compared to current PCs (e.g. with an Phenom 6 core processor).
But it can run VMS. That's a very old operating system, well known for DEC-10, VAX or similar devices. But it's running also on Alpha based machine since years, and it's known for a high degree of security.
And, perhaps, the Digital Command Language (DCL) is one of the origins of CP/M and MS-DOS command processors.

At the moment, it's running Windows 2000 Beta 3 (for Alpha of course, not Intel), which is quite stable running. It can run also x86 code with the help of FX!32 (see related link).

To obtain VMS, you have to go to openvmshobbyist. At the moment I am waiting for more time, also because the license is limited and getting it without working with it sounds crazy.
Also, with a PWS 433a you have to add a SCSI CD-ROM and harddisk first, otherwise you can't run OpenVMS. May be I try OpenBSD first instead for that reason.

A very interesting link for Alpha users is also a blog -
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