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New toy - A pocket PC by "Highscreen" (Highscreen Handy Organizer) 
Monday, October 4, 2010, 09:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
I was very surprised when I saw the Highscreen Handy Organizer the first time.
It has a full work "AT" compatible keyboard, 80x25 character LCD screen, a parallel and a serial interface, and 2 IC card (PCMCIA SRAM memory card) slots.
It has also a 7,15 MHz NEC V30 CPU, which is very fast for a calculator alike device, running with DOS 5.0 (ROM based). Another highlight is MS WORKS 2.0 for DOS, which can be found in ROM also.
In the U.S., it was called Zeos Pocket PC.

Unfortunately I didn't manage it so far using INTERSVR on that device.

I installed Windows 98 in a VMWare Player, and it runs almost perfect... until I integrate INTERLNK.EXE in CONFIG.SYS of that Windows 98 installation.
But even if I start Windows 98 in Command Line mode (no GUI, press F8 at the beginning), I was not able to use INTERLNK.EXE with the serial port.
At the moment, I have my doubt about the used serial null modem cable, because it does not offer hardware handshake.
And I am not sure VMWare Player does not make a mistake when emulating the serial interface.
Have to test it with my Kaypro IV, this worked already with Windows XP for example.

My idea at the moment: Using this device with a CP/M emulator which supports the V20/V30 CPU.
As a result, this would be the smallest CP/M portable ever made if it works ;-)
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