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TCP/IP stack for CP/M based systems ? 
Friday, July 25, 2008, 04:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Following the discussions about a possible implementation in comp.os.cpm, I asked myself for what reason would this a goal ?

On an early try is ready for download, but it's made for a Xerox 820, nowadays a real rare computer.

If you "google" for a while, you find additional tries at . A new project covering similar ideas can be found at named "KCNET", adapted for a KC85 and additional interface hardware.

Corrected after a discussion in comp.os.cpm:

Assuming that you also need applications for the network stack, these tries will consume a lot of memory from the TPA of CP/M, and the execution speed of all things together (not only the interface program) is awful (guess why...). I am not convinced this make any sense, because a rich connectivity can be implemented also via serial port and KERMIT (see also my page how to build an adapted kermit version) or an external box which translates KERMIT commands to FTP.

Also, an other approach can be much easier... just implement a smart interface card with an ATMEL microprocessor and an Ethernet interface would be gorgeous, the ATMEL could simulate KERMIT or an other known communication protocol or even a kind of CP/Net - but not just a TCP/IP stack without any application.

I've found the hardware module which is used for that stuff at , it's very interesting, but as I already wrote, without an application like FTP on the Z80 side it will be almost useless.

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