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Rare CPU: IBM 386SLC , similar to an Intel 386SX, but with 8KB cache ... 
Sunday, April 24, 2016, 02:45 PM
Posted by Administrator
IBM introduced a meanwhile very rare CPU in 1992, starting with IBM PS/2 models and also with PS/Valuepoint computers.
This CPU was an attempt to create a cheap but for its price powerful CPU, which can even used as an Upgrade for Intel 286-based AT machines.

You can't read much about the ability of the CPU, the Wikipedia entry isn't very detailed.
I got a PS/Valuepoint 325T, which has such a CPU. But even the BIOS of the machine does not offer any option for enabling or disabling that level 2 cache.
The CPU is *NOT* Cyrix CPU compatible.

I've found an utility named CTCHIPZ (last version "34") and tried the "IBM486.CFG" to change the processor operation register. This doesn't work obviously, see the picture, although I was able to show the register values...

Still looking for more infos, if anybody has them, try to contact me please.

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