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Finally an exploding capacitor was occuring again (this time: Kaypro II) 
Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 11:50 PM
Posted by Administrator
Yeah, hate this. While I tried to copy Kaypro II floppy disks in my PCs (with TELEDISK first, but then with 22DISK, and with many read retries), I thought it would be much easier to copy them with my Kaypro II itself. Just power it on, boot with CP/M 2.2, start COPY, and then the copy session for about 10 disks was started.
But guess what happened - it makes an ugly "Poff" sound and then it stinks forbidding.
The capacitor for avoiding interferences from the power supply line, a 0.22 uF "film" one, exploded and burned a bit too. I switched immediately the computer off and carried it to outside the house (... still stinking).
Then I opened the case, dismounted the mainboard, then the power supply itself:

This was the capacitor after explosion:

After I buyed a new capacitor and after repair it looks now like this:

And after reassembling most of the parts, it runs (without stinking) again, hurray:

There were some other capacitor candidates for a later replacement, but I was happy it runs again.... the Kaypro II and its power supply was MUCH EASIER to repair compared to the nightmare with the Macintosh IIci. See "related link".
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