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Cont'd test of disk copy programs (Part 5)  
Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 04:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
Last but not least I tested Disk Copy Fast and Disk Copy Plus, which seems to be almost the same (the first one is the shareware version, the second one seems to be the full version).

Both are working very well, even with the 360KB floppy drive in my Pentium machine.

A true exception is Locksmith, this name is well known since years for Apple II users.
It seems NOT to be related with the makers of the Apple II version, although it is also usable as a disk copier, but not only. The usage of the program is a bit cumbersome:

I do not recommend it.

(for the 4th part of the article series, go on >here<)

The "related link" points to a download site with Disk Copy Fast, but also other already described diskcopy programs.
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