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Cont'd test of disk copy programs (Part 4)  
Monday, May 21, 2018, 10:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Now the rest of the "gang". QCOPY Professional works quite ok, Blitzcopy seems to be the same but is a trial version for it. It can be used without loaded mouse driver (pressing the TAB key very often), although it's a lot of easier to use it with a mouse.

Remember you have to deselect multiple sources/targets if you just want to copy one disk.
Also, the option "Diskette Change" means the program waits for a DC signal coming from the drive itself, if you exchange the floppy disk. This can be tricky if you are using a floppy drive with READY signal only and an isolated pin 34 (only one side of the pcb !).

CopyStudio looks also really nice, although it is a bit difficult to use (too many buttons with non-standard names) and it's a time limited version (not yet reached the limit/not tested):

The "related link" points to an URL for downloading Blitzcopy.

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