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Got an IBM Portable PC 5155. Really slow, but it's a nice engineering piece. 
Sunday, April 23, 2017, 09:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
This Portable PC is heavy, but it's an IBM PC/XT in a case with a build in amber CRT screen.
It's factory configuration only includes 256KB RAM, an IBM PC floppy controller and a CGA graphics card. The internal screen is feed by an FBAS (Composite) video signal (and not with 9-pin connector).

An original 64-256KB memory card was installed, which results in 512KB in total.
But I managed to add interface cards, and I replaced the original memory card with a Mycomp MEMS memory card, which can be populated with gigantic 2048KB RAM, and this card can offer conventional *and* expanded memory (at the same time).
In the screenshot, you can see the result after it was booted (IBM DOS 5.02 is used).

Believe me, repairing or just changing the cards, DIP switches or memory chips on the mainboard is *NO* fun. Inside the case it's really (over)crowded. But on the other side, in terms of mechanical quality, this PC seems to be very good quality.

Take a look at the 'related link' below, if you are interested in further details.
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