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Advertisment IBM Portable PC and two other early portable PCs 
Monday, August 22, 2016, 06:25 PM
Posted by Administrator
These advertisments in the eighties were not very plausibly, but not only IBM published PC Ads in that manner. That man couldn't really look onto the screen and was able to read anything. See and judge for yourself:

But it was IBM's necessary answer to the Compaq Portable PC, a bit late, yes.
And it's a beauty meanwhile. Other portables looked more ugly.

Corona Data Systems and also Sperry Corporation (in fact, it was the same computer with different labels) selled early portable PCs. This is a picture of the "Sperry Portable Computer", which is meanwhile a real rare Portable PC (still looking for an affordable one):

It was selled from late 1984 until Sperry Corporation was merged with Burroughs in 1986.
It doesn't have an amber screen (like the IBM Portable PC), instead, a green one with 9 inch size. An Intel 8088 with the same speed like the first IBM PC and 256KB RAM (expandable to 512KB on motherboard) was included.

See also in related link for an article in "Infoworld", November 1984.
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