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Ultra rare Texas Instruments Portable Professional Computer (PPC) 
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 12:00 AM
Posted by Administrator
These "non-compatible" PCs are almost forgotten, but there were many interesting portable ones, like the Sirius Victor "Luggable", which has a very sophisticated video card (for its time) but with a very strange disk format (similar to the Commodore GCR format).
And there was also a 8086 portable computer from Texas Instruments - they didn't produced only the TI 99/4(A) and their famous calculators in the eighties, but also these non-compatible PCs.
Derived from the Texas Instruments PC, the TI PPC was the one you could try to carry with you.
It can read IBM PC formatted disk (that's really an advantage) but that was the only obvious common thing. The graphics had 720x300 pixels (NOT Hercules Graphics compatible!), it has a build in (optional) COLOR MONITOR (rare!) and the computer was expandable up to 768KB RAM. Even the keyboard was different from the IBM PC !
Not only MS-DOS 2.1 was available, but also CP/M-86, UCSD-P System and Prologue.
You could be lucky if you own one, because they became very rare nowadays.

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