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Commodore Plus 4 resurrected... 
Sunday, January 13, 2013, 02:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
An underestimated beauty, the Commodore Plus 4 (aka 264), was resurrected in two steps:
First I realized that the power supply was dead. Due to the fact, that these power supply cases were glued, not fixed with screws, I did not tried to open it (to repair it).
So I cutted the very rare foursquared power connector, and created an "power connector adapter", also because I did not planned to modify my Plus 4 (exchange the connector inside the computer).

After having the possibility to test it with a C64 power supply, I realized that it was still defective :-(
I got only a black screen at channel 36 (UHF) when powered on. It seemed that the video controller chip 8360, aka TED, was dead (also very rare unfortunately).
So I buyed another Plus 4 on Ebay, also partly not working.
The second one showed the BASIC free message at the beginning, but crashed early after typing in some BASIC commands. This can be related with defective RAM chips (4164).
But it was easier to exchange the working TED video controller, so my first Plus 4 was working again without any problems.
These TED / 8360 chips getting hot, unfortunately the original copper metal plate does not seem to cool it down enough:

A good replacement for this copper plate seems to be that item:

You have to use Thermal Compound for Cooler in the mid, but to fix it, you have to use "super glue" at the edges.
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