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Raped IBM PC/XT on Youtube, ignorance for details at it's best 
Saturday, October 13, 2018, 12:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Some people might have cool ideas, also to modify originals for a new functionality.
If someone try to modify an original IBM PC/XT to implement a new PC in it, it might be still worth to mention it, especially if the conversion to a modern PC is subtle (not intrusive).
So if someone do this but let the PC still look like the original, and make it possible to use the original floppy disk drives (but with the modern hardware inside), it would be even cooler.

The opposite is ugly. If you destroy half of the original case (e.g. the backside) and if you just use the floppy drive bezel, but remove the rest of the drive(s), it sounds like a brutal modification, without any style.
And even more worse, they use the floppy drive bezels, but mount them reverse (upside down), see the picture taken from the Youtube video:

But judge yourself about the (not well done) conversion, see "related link".

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