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BASIC game classics... today: CAMEL (slightly improved version of the original David H. Ahl source) 
Sunday, July 31, 2016, 08:15 PM
Posted by Administrator
Do you remember the times games only shows text messages ?

David H. Ahl was the editor of two real famous books: "BASIC COMPUTER GAMES" and "MORE BASIC COMPUTER GAMES" in 1979, published from "Workman publishing, New York".
One of these games I remembered was "CAMEL". It just shows up a few text messages and you can enter a small range of numbers as a command what to do next (after the game started).
Of course the whole program flow was controlled by the random generator, you will NOT often win.
But it was fun to beat the computer... at least if you would reach the 200 miles limit.
The game source was slightly improved, e.g. displaying the status was decreasing life points (so I changed this, it will not decrease life points anymore and I added a help display).
I didn't changed the original program logic, so it's still not easy !

This is how it looks (game is just started):

You can get the BASIC SOURCE CODE if you click on "related link".

Good luck while playing the game.
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