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Famous game classics on Sega Mega Drive (Genesis): TinyToon Adventures ! 
Saturday, February 20, 2016, 03:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
If you search for a real game classics on Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), and you like to play "jump'n run" games, choose TinyToon Adventures !
It's far better than Sonic, and has a cool theme tune/song.
Also, if you growed up in the early 90's, you had to like this animated television series, and it's catchy song. I've extracted for you the first seconds (may be you like to have it as a ring tone).
Also, the look of the start/title screen is very promising:

But don't think it's easy to play - almost all games "before 3D" have at least a decent difficulty, e.g. this passage:

Pictures were made with a REAL CONSOLE, not an emulator ;-)

See "related link" for the MP3 of the theme tune.

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