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OT: For those who would like to travel through time ... 
Sunday, January 31, 2016, 02:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
It's slightly off-topic, but interesting. It's an explanation why time is going always forward, not backward. An asymmetry exists between time and space in the sense that physical systems inevitably evolve over time whereas there is no corresponding ubiquitous translation over space.
The asymmetry is represented by equations of motion and conservation laws that operate differently over time and space. But there are reasons for it, which are digged deeper into theoretical physics.
It seems to be related with K and B meson particles and their behaviour (spin and state) and balance between them. Experiments to test the time-reversal symmetry exists already.

Now think about trying to manipulating exactly what was mentioned (K and B mesons).
It can be the way travelling through time, although it can be done only in a microscopical way, and only for a very small area. I am not sure how to accomplish this without an extraordinary amount of energy and without destroying anything with a bit complexity (means if you can accomplish it by a supernova, it will not help you).

See related link for a general overview.
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