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Fun with Hercules Graphics Adapter - my Amstrad PC1640 still make it... 
Saturday, February 14, 2015, 12:00 AM
Posted by Administrator
Resurrecting a defunct Kalok hard disk drive in my Amstrad (Schneider) PC1640HD30, I was a bit unhappy about the fact I own for this computer only a monochrome monitor (PC-MD).
So I was looking for games which could be run with a hercules graphics adapter.
There are some (even Prince of Persia), but most of the game copies I found were configured only for VGA (or EGA). And so also the beautiful CHESSMASTER 3000 ...
But thanks to Ebay, you will be still able to find an original game box with the disks:

These disks were not in a suitable floppy disk format, but the game itself is not copy protected, so I was able to install it on an other computer with a 3.5" floppy disk drive.
Then I packed all files with ARJ and -v360 option and copied it on several 5.25" disks.
Finally I unpacked it on my Amstrad and yeaaahhh it immediately runs:

The picture isn't sharp enough to show that it is similar to an Atari ST screen with a SM124 monitor, it's really crisp sharp and makes lot of fun - even if the computer plays against itself ;-)
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