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IMSAI 8080 info page + new z80pack link + ebook 8080/Z80 
Saturday, June 4, 2011, 09:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
Lucky guy - he got a full equipped IMSAI 8080: ... -8080.html
And the sequel: ... entor.html
This blog has many other retrocomputer entries, too.

The former Z80PACK site "unix4fun" will not be recovered.
But there is another backup now:

I also found an ebook / PDF about 8080/Z80 assembler programming.
REMOVED. BUT I'VE FOUND ANOTHER INTERESTING PDF ABOUT Z80 PROGRAMMING: ... nthal1.pdf ... nthal2.pdf ... nthal3.pdf

And btw... if you're a german, you have to visit a vintage computer enthusiast meeting named "Z-Fest".
Infos can be found here: ... it's celebrated at the end of June...

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This is the first "Personal Computer" (not Altair, not Scelbi, not Micral) ? 
Saturday, April 9, 2011, 03:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
This development system was created from Intel in 1972, and its CPU is an Intel 8008.

I didn't found so much infos about it yet, but it seems to be the oldest computer with a 8 bit CPU in one desktop case.

Some additional pictures can be found here:
or here ... o-1972.htm
or even here

A larger list of these earlier machines can be found here:

There is a Youtube video about a working Intellec 8 system:
(this was in fact the Intellec-8 mod 80)

In german, but still interesting:
http://computermuseum.informatik.uni-st ... intellec8/

I know there was an OS named ISIS for the Intellec-8 mod 80 (which had an Intel 8080 inside).
If someone have more information about an OS for the 8008 version, please tell me or comment it - thanks.

The R2E Micral was mentioned in a blog entry already: ... 219-210000

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Offtopic: Finally a Delphi 64bit compiler will be available soon 
Friday, April 8, 2011, 06:38 PM
Posted by Administrator
Yes, good things can take time.
But now, there is some hope... I was waiting for a 64bit version of Delphi for years.
Now there is one:

You can view a sneak preview movie about it at

Hopefully this 64bit version of Delphi will be available within the next months.
And I still have hope, it will be only an update for current customers of Delphi XE.

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Another floppy emulator (works with TRS-80, Apple II a.s.o.) 
Monday, March 28, 2011, 10:35 PM
Posted by Administrator
Amazing what some had already developed... it's a silicon floppy which can emulate even disk drives for an Apple II, but also for unusual disk formats like the TRS-80 SD/DD mixed ones.

Just take a look at

It doesn't look very expressive, but it is !

Inside, a PIC 16C74 processor will do the job.
It will be connected with the help of a RS232 interface.
Windows and Linux is supported from PC side.
And it can be build by yourself as a "kit".

Updated years later: Website is gone :-( Have changed the link to the
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Kind of a network connection to every CP/M computer ... 
Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 01:48 PM
Posted by Administrator
Interesting idea: Take a device which can do conversion between TCP/IP and a Serial Port ...

This is not very cheap, but seems to be an easy way to get files through an Ethernet network or even via WiFi connection from and to a CP/M computer.
Also, a modem can be emulated (think about using RBBS hosted on an old CP/M computer).
Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you have something like a drive extension (getting files from and to a PC), and so you're still limited to communication programs at the CP/M side.

May be Kermit can be used (at PC side, PC-Kermit 95 through network, at CP/M side, the old Kermit 4.11). I don't know. Have to ask Toni (I will update this entry if I get an answer).

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